Wider Experiences

As part of their topic on Living Things Including Humans, Year 3 visited Whipsnade Zoo to learn more about animal adaptation and animal conservation.

Year 3 - Whipsnade Zoo

Year 5 Science Festival


Year 5 were lucky enough to experience a festival of Science at St Albans Abbey which included sessions on light, forces, and reversible and irreversible changes. Plus a session on how energy transfers between light, kinetic, and heat. It was a jam-packed day. Take a look at the Mad Scientists at work!

Science Week 2023

The theme of Science Week 2023 was Connections. We also explored the stereotyping of scientists.

Science Week 2022


During Science Week, we had a number of visitors come to the school to talk to us about designing medicines, and vaccines, and reversible and irreversible changes! Our  minds were blown but it helped us to imagine we could be scientists too. 



In our own learning we looked at GROWTH. Year 3 and 5 looked a growth in plants, and Y4 and 6 looked at crystal growth.