Why do we teach sustainability?


Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a catalyst for the teaching and learning of creating a better future, children at Fleetville Junior School are supported to understand and envision a world for our future. If we know where we want to go and what the current state of play is, we will be better able to work out how to get there. Embedding the SDGs is an on-going process that develops collaborative tasks for pupils and teachers, developed through assemblies, curriculum planning and school ethos. 

SDG Representatives:


All children in our school are encouraged to be 'Goal Keepers' and to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. We also have SDG representatives who work with Miss Davis to ensure the goals are embedded in our learning and part of the fabric of our school. This year's representatives made passionate applications - read why they believe standing for the planet and each other is so important... 

Sustainability Week

As part of sustainability week we held a Swish. If you're not sure what a Swish is, it's a giant swapping of goods between people. It costs nothing and can mean you get some new-to-you items for free! It's a great way of updating your wardrobe and giving life to things you no longer use. AND, best of all, it's planet-friendly.

Science Week Pupil Voice:

Sustainable Megacities