British Museum Trip

British Museum Trip 2024


A highlight of Year 3’s week was our trip to the British Museum on Friday. We had a lovely coach trip there, and we were so impressed with the respectful and kind behaviour of all the coach partners. 


We were all fascinated to see the many amazing Ancient Egyptian exhibits, like amulets, sarcophagi, and many well preserved mummies. We saw huge statues and wonderful art including some colourful hieroglyphs. We also enjoyed our workshop, which was all about the process of mummification and how modern day medical technology like x-rays and CAT scanners can help us learn more about how people were buried without unwrapping them. Some of them looked a little bit frightening, but it was incredible to see how modern archaeologists and historians discover more about the past. 


We enjoyed eating lunch down in the catacombs of the British Museum, and then had a lovely coach trip back to school. We all had a lovely day!