I was born in Wiltshire and grew up in a small village near Swindon. I moved to London at eighteen to study English Literature at Goldsmith's College in south London. After this, I gained my PGCE Primary qualification from London Metropolitan University. My first teaching job was in East Ham as a Year 4 teacher. I stayed here for two years and then worked in a British international school in Shanghai for five years, which was an amazing experience. I came back to England in 2022 as I wanted to be closer to home and teach in British schools again.  

My hobbies are reading, writing poems, playing guitar and hiking through nature. I really enjoy being around the creativity and positivity of children, which is why I have nearly be a teacher for ten years (however it has flown by so quickly). I am really glad to be teaching in a wonderful school like Fleetville in an historic town like St Albans.  

Two things that really inspire me are reading and music. I get really inspired by reading the great ideas and stories of past novelists and philosophers from Charles Dickens to Lao Tzu. Playing my guitar and listening to music always inspires me as well and helps to direct me.

Kindness to me means helping someone in need or saying a positive word without expecting anything in return because we cannot be happy unless others around us are.

My greatest achievement is attaining my PGCE Primary qualification and teaching both abroad and at home to a diverse range of wonderful students.