On Trust Roles

What is On-Trust?

On-trust is an opportunity for our Year 6's to become leaders within the school. They take on additional responsibilities to better prepare them for the additional responsibilities that come with moving onto secondary school. These roles update each term so every child has the opportunity to be on-trust.



- Admin Assistants (supporting the office)

- Radio Producers (operating FJS Radio at lunchtimes)

- Corridor Monitors (enhancing behaviour expectations)

- Library Assistants (helping to encourage reading)

- Sports Assistants (supporting PE and sport opportunities)

- Maths Assistants (helping grow maths across the school)

- Gardeners (supporting with the school environment).

- Animal Assistant (support with the care of the animals)

Library Assistants


Our fantastic Library Assistants, along with several other volunteers from Year Six, have been working extremely hard to re-organise books across our school. They have been taking books from book corners, sorting them and then re-labelling them to be shelved in the school's main library. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Books, Books, Books

Animal Assistant


Our wonderful animal assistants take responsibility for all of our animals. They organise feeding, walking and clearing out cages so that they all have a cosy place to sleep.