PPA Team

I am Rachel Davis and I started at Fleetville in January 2021

I am inspired by anyone who lives by a strong set of morals and models them in what they do/aspire to achieve. 


Examples include but are not limited to:

Environmental: Greta Thunberg, Gail Bradbrook

Musical: Beverley Knight, Gloria Estefan, Dave Grohl

Political/Human Rights: Masih Alinejad, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela

Sporting: Nadia Nadim, Serena Williams, Christiano Ronaldo

I would define kindness as an intrinsic attitude to everyday actions that betters the life and spirit of those around an individual - not for personal gain particularly, but because it feels right. 

I am proud of everything I've ever done. Shaping my own path and taking on every challenge I can. Not settling for not doing something if no one else wants to. Making things happen.