PPA Team

Madam Yates

Hello, I am am Madame Yates. I am a mum of two fabulous teens who go to school locally and who inspired me to retrain, after a career in Media, then Financial Services and become a Primary School Teacher, after years of volunteering in their school. I have since been a Class Teacher at two local schools, before joining Fleetville.



I am completely taken aback by Marcus Rashford, who at such a young age has achieved so much for the children of this country. Not only inspiring them to be positive about themselves, from his life experiences, sporting talent and achievements, but by forming the Child Food Poverty Task Force in 2021. Marcus has proved to be a relentless driving force, calling for change and achieving a national funding package to help alleviate child food poverty.

Being caring, considerate, friendly, respecting others, and treating people, as you would like to be treated yourself.

What accomplishment am I most proud of? I am motivated by a life changing event, I set up a Charitable Foundation a couple of years ago. We fund Music Therapy for critically or terminally ill children. We also help to raise awareness of the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer. We raise funds through events that bring people together as well as fun or sporting challenges. We have been fortunate to fund many projects and are looking forwards to getting people together again now and seeing our charity grow, so that we can support more children.