Fleetville Animals

Tiggy - our school dog

Tiggy is our school dog. She belongs to Miss Figg who teaches in Year 4 but enjoys spending her time in each year group.

Tiggy has been at Fleetville Junior School since she was a puppy and loves taking part in the full school experience. 

During the day, Tiggy enjoys helping the children learn in the classroom and during nurture groups, and enjoys playing with them on the field during lunchtime and playtime. 


In the mornings, Tiggy can often be found on the school gates greeting the children. Why not come and say hello next time you see her. 


Muffin and Fudge - our school rabbits

Muffin and Fudge our school rabbits and can be found in the quad near the Year 5 classrooms. Both Muffin and Fudge like to roam around the quad and enjoy digging holes and tunnels, sometimes they can be hard to spot but when they are tired they tend to find a cosy place to huddle up together and sleep.

Our Fleetville fish

Our school fish can be found outside Mr Linwood, Ms Whitehouse and Miss Andrew's office. Originally we started off we 3 fish but after not so long they were joined by several babies. At last count we had 18 but we are sure that there maybe a few more on the way.

Cricket and Bill - our school guinea pigs

Cricket and Bill are the latest addition to the Fleetville animals and will be in school from September. Their home will be in the sensory garden, either running free on 'Guinea Pig Hill' or in their hutches.  Both Bill and Cricket will also spend time in classrooms to support children to focus in class. 

We are hoping that in the near future Bill and Cricket will have some more friends come and join them.