Fleetville Animals

Tiggy - our school dog

Tiggy is our school dog. She belongs to Miss Figg who teaches in Year 3 but enjoys spending her time in each year group.

Tiggy has been at Fleetville Junior School since she was a puppy and loves taking part in the full school experience. 

During the day, Tiggy enjoys helping the children learn in the classroom and during nurture groups, and enjoys playing with them on the field during lunchtime and playtime. 



Our school guinea pigs

Cricket and Bill were the first additions to the Fleetville Guinea Pig Family. 

They spent their lives either outside on Guinea Pig Mound or inside outside Ms Whitehouse's office. They have now been joined by Alan, he is the son of Cricket and Snickers. 

Bill, Alan and Cricket enjoy being held and receiving lots of fuss. They offer a reassuring squeak to anyone that needs it and will be your best friend if your bring them a treat to eat. 


Last year we also welcomed some more four legged friends. Hetty, Betty, Bruno, Luna and Riley. They love nothing more than climbing on Guinea Pig Mound and eating the occasional carrot! 


Sadly Bill passed away at the beginning of 2024. Rest in Peace Bill. 

Did someone say circus? Look at the lovely new hide out that our guinea pigs have been treated to.

Shoal of Fish

Come in to reception and meet our new shoal of fish!

We have 4 Platy Fish, 6 Zebrafish and 2 little Shrimp. 

These are all "temperate" fish as they have evolved to live in water at room temperature. They are not cold water or tropical fish and they are quite happy in a filtered unheated aquarium in a heated room. 

Coming Soon 

Our animal will be soon be expanding. We are excited to announce that we will be introducing a family of pigmy goats to Fleetville. We look forward to sharing further details soon.