Attendance Matters


Being in school is important to your child's academic achievement, wellbeing and wider development. There is evidence to suggest that regular school attendance is a key mechanism to support children and young peoples educational, economic and social outcomes. Every day of school matters.

Please click here to access resources for families on the website where you can download a copy of Working together to improve school attendance and discover a wide range of valuable resources.


  • Reporting your child's absence - If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, please call the absence line on 01727 519224 (option 1) or email before 9am on the day of absence. Please state clearly the reason for your child's absence. Please kindly notify us every day that your child is off. After your child has experienced sickness or diarrhoea, it is mandatory for them to wait for a duration of 48 hours before returning to school as per NHS guidance.


  • Late Arrival - It has come to our attention that many children are consistently arriving late to school. We kindly remind you that registration begins promptly at 8:55am each day, and it is expected that children arrive in their classrooms before this time to ensure they are prepared for the day's learning. If your child is running late, it is necessary for you to accompany them to the office and sign them in at reception. It is important to note that children should not arrive at school unaccompanied by an adult if they are running late.


  • Holiday Requests in Term Time - There is an absence form available on the school website should you need to apply for time off during term time which does not relate to illness or an appointment. You can either collect a paper copy from the office or you can find a copy on the school website here. Please submit the completed form to the school office. Please be aware that only in exceptional circumstances will a leave of absence be authorised during term time.


  • Medical Appointments during school hours - Whilst we understand it is not always possible to get medical appointments before or after school we ask that, wherever possible, parents arrange medical appointments outside of school hours. If your child is attending an appointment and would like a school meal on their return, please let the school office know their dinner choice before 9.30am. Please notify the school office about any appointments at the earliest opportunity.