Hello! My name is Miss Craddock. I am born and bred in St Albans, and I feel very lucky to work in such a beautiful city. I have a degree in Fine Art and love all things creative, especially painting and creating colourful works of art. I also love anything about Harry Potter and getting lost in a good book, particularly ones that take me to weird and wonderful places! 

I’m also inspired by many different artists, but the artist I’m most inspired by is Frida Kahlo. She took the worst parts of her life and turned them into beautiful works of art, and I find her optimism and defiance to let her disability hinder her creativity very inspiring. 

Kindness to me is showing someone empathy and showing someone that you care through your actions. 

My greatest achievement is completing the 10-mile obstacle course, Tough Mudder. I overcame my fear of heights and felt very proud of myself that day!