Photos of Our Learning

Year 4 - Healthy Noodles for the Yeti Noodle Bar

Year 4's focus text was Pugs of the Frozen North. In the text, the main characters encounter a group of Yetis who own a noodle bar. 

As part of their DT work, the pupils in Year 4 designed and created a savory noodle dish. They explored the different food groups and looked at the produce that was available. They used different equipment to cut and prepare all of the ingredients. After they had prepared their dish they evaluated it and decided whether they thought the Yetis would like it. 

Year 6 - An escape vehicle for Zoe

Inspired by the main character from their focus text, Floodlands, Year 6 were set the task of designing a vehicle for Zoe to escape from the island. 

The children had the design a vehicle which would move by itself and use different techniques to join materials together.

Once completed, the vehicles were evaluated and the pupils had to identify elements that were successful and those that they would change to make the vehicle more fit for purpose.