Hi, I’m Ms Figg

I love working at Fleetville and I have enjoyed watching so many children on their journey through the school. 

At the moment, the things I most enjoy doing are being outdoors and going for long walks in the countryside with my friends and Tiggy the dog. Trees are some of my favourite things, as well as all kinds of living creatures. I also love history and I am always curious about old buildings. The people most important to me are my friends and family.

I am inspired by anyone who spends most of their life helping the environment. David Attenborough is a huge hero of mine, and I really admire Greta Thundberg.  I also find my best friend inspirational as she has had to overcome many obstacles in her life but is always smiling and so positive. 

To me, kindness is treating others the way you would like to be treated. A little kindness goes a long way.

I'm proud of the time and effort I put into training Tiggy. At times, when she was a puppy, I thought she was not going to be suitable for the role, but I didn't give up and now she's a great school dog.