Personal Development


Fleetville Junior School, in partnership with parents and carers, has a vital role in preparing our students to negotiate the challenges, opportunities and difficulties of a complex world. Whilst this presents many exciting and positive prospects for young people, there are also risks and obstacles to overcome. 


Personal Development involves developing knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviour and relationships that can be used both in and out of the classroom. We want to help and encourage our pupils to develop thinking processes, learn how to problem solve,  manage their emotions and forge positive relationships as well as increasing their life skills so that they have a wide range of abilities to draw on to help them meet the challenges of everyday life and to cope successfully in difficult situations.



Throughout each academic year, teachers are encouraged to plan to develop their children’s personal development. RHSE lessons have been rigorously planned to ensure that all children are able to develop key skills that are vital to their learning journey. Assemblies have been strategically planned so that clear progression can be made across year groups and throughout the academic year. We also provide our children with additional assemblies from external visitors that provide meaningful opportunities to understand our school values and how they will impact their futures. 

Our vast range of leadership opportunities provide children with experiences that develop key qualities that prepare them for the next stage in their school journey as well as later life.



Fleetville will assess the impact of our Personal Development in a variety of ways. This will include lesson observations and moderation of planning and outcomes. However, it will also involve listening to feedback from our children and how they believe their Personal Development needs are being addressed and watching how they respond to the opportunities that they are provided with.


At FJS, we focus on the 5 key areas that contribute to our Personal Development curriculum: Developing, Promoting, Enabling, Supporting and Providing.