Oliver & the Seawigs

It's been a busy week back for Year 3 as we embark on our last bits of learning before heading off for the summer and getting ready for Year 4. In history, we're learning all about the Ancient Mayan civilisation. In preparation, we had a wow day where we learnt about an Ancient Mayan sport known as Pits - where children had to pass a ball to each other and stop it from hitting the ground using only their hips, elbows and knees! 


During our wow day we also had an opportunity to mix the classes into teams of 6 and do some orienteering around the field and playground. It was great to see everyone working together across the year group. 


We also started our new science unit on forces and magnets. We investigated movement and the different forces that cause the movement by exploring the mechanics that make different toys move. We also started an investigation to figure out how to make a tool that can move something on the floor further away from you.