We understanding the important role that computing has in society. We work with the children to develop their understanding of technology and how to use it safely. 

We use Purple Mash to deliver our computing curriculum, but also offer the children wider opportunities to embed technology into their learning. 


Why we teach computing in school.


Look around you. What devices that work with a computer, have a computer or are a computer can you spot? We are surrounded by technology (anything man-made that help us every day). Information technology has become an essential part of our lives. From our phones and laptops, to our cars, e-books and watches or even our washing machines and our lighting systems. Science, literature, humanities, arts,… all have been transformed by computers and technology. And it is only the beginning – the future generations will create and develop technology that we can only dream of.

But teaching computing goes far beyond the technology itself. Being computer literate means developing resilience, thinking and problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and much more! In other words, computing in school is about computational skills. It is about asking questions, working out how and why. It is about understanding how to build sets of instructions – algorithms – that are simple, smart and efficient. It is about using our knowledge to apply and create resources to build a better, more sustainable world.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget the importance of being good Digital Citizens: smart, kind, safe, alert and brave. Life-long learner citizens of the digital world that are curious, respectful, inspired and accomplished.

Oh! And of course, computing is fun!