World Book Day

World Book Day 2023

Being able to enjoy a book is something we want for all of our pupils. So for  this world book day we wanted to make sure that every child left school with at least one new book to read. 

We asked staff and children to donate any books that they had finished reading so that we could create a Book Swish. Each class took it in turns to visit the Swish and choose a new book to read at home. As the children searched the tables, they spotted some familiar titles and authors and also had the opportunity to explore new texts. 

The children designed new covers for their favourite books. These books have been wrapped and decorated with their new covers and will be placed in the library to encourage others to read them.

We asked the pupils wanted they wanted the theme for dressing up to be this year. They decided that they wanted it to be sustainability. This was to help families save money but also to promote less waste. The children were asked to wear costumes that were home made or a costume that they had already.

Our wonderful teaching assistants all decided to come as Wally from Where's Wally. The whole school enjoyed creating our very own Where's Wally picture. How many different Wallys can you spot?