We have started this academic year electing new house captains, new house names, new house slogans and new house songs.  As a large junior school, we have adopted a 5 house system, with children from each class being assigned a house.  All staff at FJS have also been assigned a colour to further enhance the sense of belonging to our school community.  The houses have been named after a number of inspirational, famous individuals from a variety of backgrounds, who have also been allocated a colour.  The houses are named and coloured as:


Black House 

Thunberg House 

Rashford House 

Turing House

Storey House


House points can be earned by any individual at the school, pupils or adults, for 'acts of kindness' alone. Any individual, pupil and adult, can nominate someone to recieve a house point (or more than one!) for 'acts of kindness'.  When a house reaches 2000 house points, and their tube on display in the hall is full, the whole house will recieve their house reward, decided by the children in that house.  Check out the school Twitter to see the 'acts of kindness' and the house rewards in action when they occur! #BeKind


Further information about each house can be found our below.