Our learning journey - Autumn 2


This term, our educational journey centered around the enthralling book 'Treason' by Berlie Doherty, leading the children on an illuminating exploration through the Tudor period. As we explored this captivating historical era, our young writers delved into vivid storytelling, crafting narratives that intricately weaved together setting descriptions using techniques like the pathetic fallacy, drop-shift-zoom-link, and characterisations that brought their tales to life.


In our  history sessions, our focus was on the Tudor reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Our journey commenced perfectly with a trip to Hampton Court, offering a firsthand experience of the period's grandeur. Delving into the changes that resonated locally and globally during this significant era, we intricately connected our prior learning about the Windrush period with the origins of the slave trade during Tudor times. This exploration illuminated the far-reaching implications spanning centuries.


Art sessions were deeply linked to our historical study as we immersed ourselves in the works of Hans Holbein. Mastering sketching skills, the children imitated Holbein's distinct style, carefully capturing the essence of Tudor artistry.


In PE, the focus was on basketball skills, with the children honing their abilities to manoeuvre with precision, make controlled movements, and select from a diverse range of passes.


The exploration of the Tudor period through 'Treason' has been a fascinating and enlightening experience, and we eagerly anticipate the next one!

Here are some examples of our work