The Boy in the striped pyjamas

Our learning journey - Spring 1


This half term, our exploration of World War II took a poignant turn as we delved into 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne. The book provided a fictional lens through which the children gained insight into the innocence of children caught up in the horrors of wartime, connecting seamlessly with our ongoing focus on WW2. In writing lessons, the novel has been a catalyst for honing narrative skills, emphasising characterisation and register. From vivid descriptions to poignant diary entries and imaginative alternative endings, the children have made a lot of progress.


Our historical journey continued as we examined the causes of the war, delving into the early years and the imminent risk of Nazi invasion of Britain. A highlight was our immersive workshop at RAF Hendon museum, where the children engaged with the era through hands-on experiences and explored the aircraft central to our studies. We've also explored the reasons behind the Allied success during the Battle of Britain, culminating in insightful essays. Looking ahead, our focus shifts to the changes British people had to adapt to on the Home Front and how this resilience supported the war effort in the coming term.


Art lessons are bridging both half terms, centred around Henry Moore's sketches depicting life in the underground during German bombings. Inspired by Moore, the children are creating their own captivating Blitz art scenes, and we hope to share these in a newsletter soon.


In Science, our focus on electrical circuits has been hands-on and engaging, providing ample opportunities for the children to develop their electrical knowledge and scientific skills.


In PE, the classes have immersed themselves in hockey and football, honing skills in isolation before seamlessly bringing them together in small game situations.

Here are some examples of our work