Why we teach Science at Fleetville


Why does the moon "change shape"? How do the trees know when to lose their leaves? How come water collects on the windows when it's cold outside? What happens if I don't brush my teeth?


All around us is the technology, product and influence of science - in some cases, political decisions are made based on scientific evidence. And, outside, our entire natural world is the interconnected system of science, working to keep our planet and climate stable. 


Science is the epitome of a cross-curricular subject and can be used to access so many areas of the curriculum or bring subjects to life. Science helps other subjects to be understood. 


Teaching scientific methods helps pupils to:


  • think, learn, evaluate, and make informed decisions
  • create wonder and awe of the natural and man-made worlds
  • investigate and troubleshoot problems

  • discover why science is so important to so much in our lives

This is why we teach science.