The Tin Forest

Our final week of Spring Term has been another busy one! We have been working hard to finish off our DT sewing projects and our Geography field investigation into sustainability and wind turbines. We have finished learning about symbolism into the Easter story, and written a set of instructions English about how to plant a plant. We used our learning about what plants need from science to inspire us.

Among all of this fantastic learning, we were thrilled to welcome all the Year 3 parents to our Learning Journey celebration assembly. We enjoyed sharing our coded scenes with you, and performing Three Little Bird with our instruments. Thank you so much for joining us to support and cheer on our classes. We are so proud of everything that Year 3 has accomplished this year!

We hope everyone has a restful break, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all in summer term.

This week, Year 3 have had a wonderful time making felt animals in our DT lessons. We have practised our skills cutting fabric, threading a needle, and creating a neat running stitch. We are so proud of all the hard work and perseverance that all the children have shown!

The children have also shown their hard work and dedication in our assessments this week – thank you so much Year 3 for your brilliant effort. We have also started writing instructions in English, and have moved on from Fractions and onto Length in Maths.

We have finished testing wind levels with anemometers in Learning Journey, and are using our results to suggest changes the school could make with our energy sources.

In science, we are looking at our planting experiments to see the effect of different soils.

We held our semi-finals of Fleetville’s Got Talent this week. Wow! Such talent was shown. Congratulations to the three acts going through to the Final next half term: a) Lucy b)Logan and c) Sophie. Well done to all who entered. We were impressed by the talent, the support and the resilience.


Year 3 had a fantastic World Book Day, and really enjoyed designing and creating their own book covers, blurbs, spines and opening page of their own novel. We also really appreciated the parent readers who volunteered their own time to read to our classes – thank you!

This week, we have been writing a welcoming speech to greet people into the Tin Forest. We have enjoyed trying to use rhetorical questions to cause our reader or listener to experience different moods and emotions.

In maths, we have continued learning about fractions, and have started to place them on number lines. We have also looked at mixed numbers, and how we can represent them on a number line. Our DT lessons have been very creative, as we design and practise stitching in our process of creating felt animals. We have tested the field for wind levels in Geography, to discover where we could have mini wind turbine.

We have enjoyed our Science Week visitors and of course, mixing with other year groups to enjoy Red Nose Day activities.

This week, Year 3 have been writing setting descriptions. We have been focusing on including ambitious adjectives and verbs to add descriptive language to our scene and allow our reader to build a more detailed image in their head.

We have enjoyed learning about fractions, and have been carefully using our new vocabulary “numerator” and “denominator” to describe our work.

In science, we have looked at the effect water has on plants, and thought about what would happen to a plant that doesn’t get enough water.

We have practised how to stitch felt in DT, and are looking forward to making our felt creatures! We have also learned more about wind power and how wind turbines work – including where they work best, and some positives and negatives about them.

We have loved having everybody back at the start of Spring 2. Our new book, the Tin Forest, has started us off by prompting lots of questions about recycling, sustainability, and how we take care of the environment. We have started thinking about renewable energy and how we can be sustainable as a school in our Learning Journey lessons.

We have been writing persuasive letters in English, trying to use rhetorical questions and emotive language to persuade people to visit a Tin Forest.

In maths, we have finished our topic of Statistics and moved on to measuring length – we’ve used rulers to measure the height and width of thins in our classroom. In computing lessons, we are working on and presenting our own coded creations, which we began working on last half term.