Why we teach geography

Geography is the study of real places and of how the people living there are influenced by, and affect, the environment of those places. Geography explores the relationship between the earth and its people. Geography explores the location of the physical and human features of the earth and the processes, systems and interrelations that create and influence them. The character of places, the subject’s central focus, derives from the interaction of people and environment.

At Fleetville Juniors, our aim is to stimulate pupil’s interest in the world around them and to foster a sense of wonder at the world around them, to help pupils develop an informed concern for the quality of the environment, to enhance pupil’s sense of responsibility for the care of the earth and its people, and to develop a range of skills to interpret geographical information and to carry out geographical enquiry.

 An understanding of geography is essential to our understanding of the world and the skills and knowledge of geography have a wide application in everyday life. Geographical fieldwork and investigations provide important opportunities for working in teams and developing individual responsibility. Due to its focus on places and environments in different parts of the world, and issues which arise about how these are changing, geography provides a unique vehicle for environmental education; citizenship and learning about other cultures and provides for cross curricular links to spiritual/moral education.