Black History Month

As a school we have worked hard on the diversity of our curriculum to ensure that all of our pupils are represented.  However, in October we find ourselves talking about 'Black History' more. We ensure that we discuss historical and modern issues with the children and give them the opportunity to share their opinions. 



Diversity take to the stage with Black Lives Matter performance

This video was shared with pupil when discussing the Black Lives Matter movement. Pupils were asked to discuss why they thought that it received so many complaints when it originally aired in 2020.

People Will Always Need People

A beautiful, simple poem for the current situation by Benjamin Zephaniah. After coming out of the most difficult year most of pupils and teachers have faced we discussed the theme of this poem. We discussed how this message can also relate to the way we treat each other no matter our race.

Thomas shares his book review

Still image for this video

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