My name is Kate Gemmell, and I teach Ward class in Year 3. I enjoy cooking (and trying new recipes), reading, and looking after my plants. I love reading new books of all genres, although my favorite books normally include an adventure. I love a challenge - I really enjoy problem solving, code breaking, and playing all sorts of board games.  

Although it sounds cliche, parents are the people who inspire me. My mum grew up in a very small town in the Scottish Borders, and always worked incredibly hard in school. She became the first person in her family to go to university. She studied mathematics, and then went on to qualify as an actuary at a time when there were very few females in the profession. My dad also studied mathematics and spent most of my childhood encouraging me to enjoy all forms of maths. He also started my love of board games, teaching me chess at a young age. He has been on the British chess problem solving team several times and continues to play chess frequently. He inspires me to do what I love and to share my interests. 

I believe that kindness is a key part of any community. Our school community promotes kindness in all its forms, and to me that is showing respect to others, being friendly and inclusive, and being generous with our words and actions. Kindness is treating all people in a way that makes them feel appreciated and valued. 


During my university holidays I spent time working in hotels across Europe as part of the childcare department. I really enjoyed setting up activities and games for the children and ensuring they enjoyed their holiday. However, I am particularly proud of this accomplishment because before I went I was incredibly nervous to travel and take on this job, and I overcame my worries to go and embraced the opportunity to learn how to sail and windsurf, and spent my time off hiking and practicing my foreign language skills.