Sports Coach

My name is Charlie Lumsdon and I am the Sports Coach at Fleetville Junior School.

My inspiration stems from sporting experiences in my life, watching my boyhood heroes in football and cricket, being part of a local grassroots team and working together to succeed and enjoy being active with others. 


My key inspiration in sport comes from my father, who as a child and even now, as an adult continues to share his passion for sport with me on regular occasions. 


My inspiration to teach comes from my mother, who not only taught and nurtured me with such kindness, she has worked in education for over 25 years with so many children, I saw and continue to see the reward of teaching and how kindness and nurturing a child can go such a long way to creating a positive future. 

 Kindness is a value of respect, of social friendliness and of considering others well-being when taking your own actions. 

My proudest accomplishments consist around the Fleetville Junior School community, being awarded Primary Sport School of The Year, Primary Sports Team of The Year and Community Coach of the Year thanks to the supportive and amazing active community I have around me.