Mr Peel

Hi, my name is Mr Peel and I am excited to be part of the Fleetville team as a Year 6 teacher and PE lead.  I’m a very sporty individual myself and I’ve played football, cricket and tennis in the past for clubs and am still playing rugby. Outside of sports, I love getting my nose into a good book, particularly if it is about history.

There are so many wonderous people out there who inspire me, but, in the world of teaching, I was inspired to become a teacher by my grandfather who was a Geography teacher and later a Headteacher at a school in Yorkshire. Outside of that, I guess David Attenborough is the ultimate inspiration as his longevity and forward-thinking approach to life has created so many wondrous things.

To me, kindness is about doing unto others what you’d have done to you. It is about empathy and considering someone else’s feelings and thinking about how you can improve them.