FJS update - 8th June

Good afternoon Friends,


Thank you for joining our assembly again this morning.


The theme was around the Black Lives Matter movement and helping our children to understand the protests and marches that have been happening throughout the world over the last two weeks. From everything we are seeing linked to racial injustice, there is one key thing I think we can all commit to; to have a conversation. As a school, we are committed to having conversations with each other, with you, with our wider communities and with our children.


Books are excellent ways to start conversations. Attached you will find a whole host of books you could add to your shelves, we will certainly be purchasing them for our school. Representation really matters. Here are some top tips you may have already seen in various places. These were compiled by CBeebies:


1. Educate yourself first

2. Talk about diversity – make sure your book shelves are filled with diverse books

3. Avoid using skin colour as an identifier

4. Don’t claim not to see colour

5. Showcase diverse role models, rituals and history

6. Highlight organisations and individuals who are creating positive change.


As I mentioned in the assembly developing an understanding of others lived lives is key to eliminating racism and we can do that.


Many thanks, stay safe and well