FJS update - 4th May

Good afternoon Friends,


Happy Star Wars Day!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and Monday is being kind to you.


Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback to our video; it was fun making it (despite my expression which may suggest otherwise!) and I really enjoyed watching it back. Our staff team have been very touched by your responses.


Despite much more gossip in the press over the weekend and today, at the time of writing this we still have had no official communication regarding the reopening schools. We will let you know as soon as we find out. Regardless I, our governors and our senior team are planning for our successful return to school whenever that may be.


Although I have sadly missed the date on this;

It still contains some wonderfully relaxing video and content.


Tonight’s bedtime story is absolutely astounding and bought to you by one of our Year 3’s please tune in and support her.


Stay safe and well