FJS update - 30th March, 1.30pm

Good afternoon Friends,


Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and found a way to make it a little different; I had some lovely ideas sent in but the best one was definitely the virtual cub camp!


I hope you are experiencing the same caring and supportive community pulling together that we are. I’ve heard of and experienced all sorts of wonderfully kind moments in this last week. Modern technology is certainly proving to be very useful, two weeks ago I had barely heard of Zoom and now it is a staple part of our day.


Thank you so much for staying in touch through our admin@ email and sharing lots of the lovely moments and thoughts. Redwood class having a group Zoom call, your Easter Eggs and engagement on Seesaw are all fantastic highlights.


Thank you too as we have had many, many offers of further support, far too many to list but I felt two recent ones might really benefit to our community.


Firstly Josie is offering;


Introducing an experimental NEW FREE YOGA CLASS for the whole Community via Zoom


TUESDAY AFTERNOONS, STARTING 31ST MARCH @ 3PM  -  a 20 minute class. 

This class is for adults and children and older adults - fun family yoga for everyone to practice, even if you are on your own it's a great way to connect in to the community with 20 minutes of movement and breathwork. 

Please email for log in details


Also Laura Ellis  and our Art club have gone virtual via a daily art challenge, please see the link below for all the details;


One last idea for today, if anyone would like to write letters/draw pictures to support the mental health of residents at Vesta Lodge we have a key link person. Letters and pictures about your ‘everyday’ can be addressed to Ella Taylor-Young, c/o Vesta Lodge, Watling View, St Albans, AL1 2PB and Elaa will ensure they are shared with the residents.


See you tonight for some bedtime poetry.

Many thanks, stay safe and well.