FJS update - 30th June

Good afternoon Friends,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well.


You may well have seen the headlines over the last few days about the return to schooling in September. We have been planning to open in September to all of our children for some time now with the intricacies yet to be decided.

It feels logical to work under the assumption we will be open to everyone around ‘normal’ school hours with the exact timings and complexities to be confirmed late August prior to returning. This enables us some certainty but with the flexibility to respond to any ‘last minute’ changes imposed upon us.


You may also have seen the headlines around fines for non-attendance starting next term. As a school we are very aware we have a number of families who are isolating and will continue to do so into next term for exceptional medical reasons. If this affects you or your immediate family we will continue to do all we can to support you through continued home learning and virtual sessions to help you feel less isolated and more engaged in our community. We would not be fining families who continue to isolate in order to stay safe.


Apologies for the lack of YouTube bedtime story updates, I appear to have run out of storage! This should be resolved by tomorrow.


I was hoping this Friday, to link home and school, we could have a ‘Uniform Day’. The opposite of a non-uniform day and I’d see how many of you at home I could get around too during Fridays assembly. Clothing that is slightly too small would be fine for a day and add to the general feel of the fun- it would also mean staff could choose to wear their uniform too, I’ve certainly ‘outgrown’ some suits with my choice of lockdown diet! J


Many thanks, stay safe and well