FJS update - 29th April

Good afternoon Friends,


Happy humpday!


We have quite a few volunteer organisations contact us with ideas for lockdown, I sift through and share the interesting ones. However, with many of these contacts I have no way of verifying each video is genuine but I would hope the type of activity advertised is true and safe. Please check the videos first.


Firstly from Fiona Booy, a local St Albans parent, who runs the Bernards Heath Junior School Pottery Club.

For the duration of lockdown she has set up an online pottery club: Make-at-Home Pottery Club.  Initially aimed at Junior primary, She is now branching out to older and younger children too, as well as Youth/ Adult.

Free Teaching videos -

(with more being added every week)


Secondly I have attached a flyer from Sewa Day asking for joyful children’s work which they send to care homes.


Finally I would like to thank all of you who are getting in touch with supportive comments and ideas. I meet weekly with our leadership team (online) and we are really appreciative of your overwhelming support for what we are trying to achieve during this very difficult time. Many of our staff are doing exactly as you are and balancing carer/family/parenting and working roles, they are performing remarkably well and have performed small miracles in converting their roles to meet the challenges of this new adventure. I am very proud of them and what they have achieved so far; as I am of all our families. However we want to improve and will be sending out a survey in the near future to ascertain how we can develop our support still further.


Many thanks, stay safe and well.