FJS update - 27th March, 2pm

Good afternoon Friends,


I hope you are having an enjoyable Friday and are looking forward to the weekend; although how we are going to differentiate the weekend from the week is a topic of bemusement in our household!


As we reach the end of our first week of home-schooling I would like to reassure you of our principles going in to this shut down.


As a school we care greatly for the mental health and stability of our families during this very stressful time. Our main aim is to get us all through this with all our mental health intact.


The resources we provide everyday through email, website, links and Seesaw are a guide to help you navigate what would be best for you and your family. There is no expectation on you to complete every piece of work you are set or find, they are recommendations from experienced professionals to support you in what we believe would be age suitable tasks. Please do the activities that would benefit you and your family (and some days that will be nothing but reading!).


One of the main reasons I do a bedtime story as opposed to anything else is because, to me, reading is the key. As my last email from ‘school’ said… “cuddle up and read, read, read.” If you can do nothing else in terms of learning through a day, just read.


As a leadership team we are already planning for reopening and discussing how we can best ‘catch-up’ our children’s learning; I know many other organisations are doing something similar. Children will not be at a disadvantage because they missed a few sessions, all our learning will be reviewed once we are open again.

This is especially true of our Year 6, I know many secondary colleagues who are excellent at using Year 7 as a way of making sure all pupils in their school reach an expected level of learning. They have been doing this for many years as they take children from many primary schools who have all been taught differently and have different knowledge, they then spend a great deal of time getting them all to their ‘expected level’. This will have an even stronger focus for Year 7 in September. Having said that we are in communication with our Secondary schools and if they recommend anything in addition to what we would normally do for our Year 6 we will pass that on in due course.


My ‘fun’ task for today is to find a way to make the weekend special (and if you do please share it with us!) J


Please stay safe, stay well and stay sane