FJS update - 27th April

Good afternoon Friends,


Happy Monday(s) (I did love that band which kind of ages me!)


I hope you have had a lovely weekend, I did find waking up this morning was a ‘groundhog day’ moment.


Our family Support Workers have sent us a plea;

“The idea is we are trying to get toys and activities, board games, garden games and toys anything really that we can deliver to families in Dacorum and St. Albans, they can keep them for 1-2 weeks and then we can swop them. We will be disinfecting as much as possible and as well as that when something comes back in it will not go out again for three days to allow anything that may be on there to die off.

If you have anything you can spare could you please drop them off to the Infant school buggy park (by the reception) and we will ensure they are delivered.


We have also received a link to some Facebook support through the Sopwell Community Trust, you may find it particularly useful if you are celebrating Ramadan;


Many schools are now coming to the conclusion that direct online teaching, something we have not tried, is unmanageable in the long term. I just wanted to explain that we have no current plans to create online live lessons and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, it is hard to get a private, secure channel. Although Zoom is very good we are being advised against its use as it is not secure and there have been some high profile ‘hacks’. Some of our children are not at an age where they are able to (or should be) accessing social media independently. We are conscious that many parents are working from home, and by scheduling set times, this may exclude some due to their parent's work commitments, or be encouraged to use the devise without supervision. We also have a number of teachers who are caring and educating their own children as well as working from home. They, therefore, maybe working more unsociable hours to fit around their families


Many thanks, stay safe and well.