FJS update - 26th May

Good afternoon Friends,


I trust you all had a lovely long weekend and are enjoying some sunshine today.


We are now in half term and I hope you are managing to find ways of differentiating this school holiday from term time, even if that is just not doing the school work!


Our school is ready to reopen on Monday 1st June and we have currently allocated seven bubbles of up to 15 children in each with spaces for siblings as and when they return.


An unfortunate side effect of this will be that our Seesaw interactions will be impacted from next Monday onward. Teachers will still upload Seesaw activates for their class but as they will then be working a full day in school without scheduled breaks (they have to be everything to the children in their bubbles- playtime supervisor, MSA, first aider etc) they are not expected to work late into the evening interacting and marking work which you would be returning.


To counter this we have allocated members of staff to each Year group to continue to interact and give feedback but they may not be your class teacher. This particularly applies to Year 6 who are not returning, Year 5 and some Year 3 (as most of your staff are supporting the Year 6 bubbles).


Currently we are expecting a minimum of 95 children to return and as this is further expanded more staff will be needed ‘on the ground’ leaving fewer staff to provide Seesaw exchanges.


I know you will understand why this is the case and we will continue to do our very best to support every family and child we have the privilege to serve. However, I have a duty to ensure my staff are also given some protection and have a healthy balance to their lives.


Many thanks, stay safe and well.