FJS update - 25th June

Good afternoon all,


Thank you so much for your ‘Proud’ videos, I am getting a number in through a variety of ways but ‘wetransfer’ seems to be a very popular and reliable way of sharing. I promise I am not on commission for them or Zoom; I am sure there are a number of excellent alternative apps out there!


The weather is looking slightly dodgy for our @home Summer Fair this Saturday but I hope to see you ‘out and about’ in between showers.


Although our @home Summer Fair is primarily a community event, Coronavirus is placing a large additional financial burden on our schools. The Summer Fair is one of the biggest fundraising events in the PTA calendar and would usually raise between £5,000-6,000 for our schools. Although we appreciate at this time finances may well be much tighter than usual if you are in a position to donate a sum to represent what you may have spent at the fair, the PTA has set up a PayPal Giving account:


All donations are most welcome.


Many thanks, stay safe and well