FJS update - 24th June

Good afternoon Friends,


I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday.


I hesitate to say this after last time but we seem to have reached state of relative calm with no new directives to work towards. We are planning for a full opening in September and our children are gradually ‘meeting’ their new teachers over the next few weeks.


I have only had a few “I am proud because…” films to put together, if you are planning on sending one in please could it come in before lunchtime tomorrow so I have time to produce the film. Of course you are also welcome to send in a version from you too, it doesn’t just have to be our children!


I am still doing YouTube stories and birthday ‘shout-outs’ each night and will continue to do so up until we break for our summer holidays. I would welcome some more stories by our families so if the mood takes you… J


Have fun staying safe in the sun.