FJS update - 22nd June

Good afternoon all,


I hope you have enjoyed this sunny Monday.


We talked about Pride in our assembly this morning and I referred to Newsround and the link they have which explains the history far better than I am able to;


I also mentioned that we too have things to be proud of in our lives and it would be amazing if for this Friday’s celebration assembly we could have a video montage of our children talking to camera. “I am proud of me because…” . This would just go out in our Zoom assembly instead of the usual celebration film and it would be great if you felt your family could contribute.


I will be doing another ‘Anneka’ this week as well starting at a new location to try to include as many of you as possible. With the hugely positive response so far I doubt that this will be the last time I do a ‘Treasure Hunt’ type assembly.

Speaking of being proud, we have had a few ex-pupils offer Zoom sessions to our Year 6 to explain their experience of secondary school. If you know of anyone who would be happy to give up 30 minutes to support our Year 6 with their transition could you please let us know and we can book the Zoom session.


If both of these could go through the admin@ email address that would be fantastic, thank you. 


We are now at capacity for our school having welcomed back some Year 5’s today, we will also be welcoming back Year 3 and 4 to our Forest school from tomorrow.


As a result our school is beginning to feel more ‘normal’. The worry is that as we all begin to feel this normality we start to behave in ways which puts us all at greater risk. As a school we will be reminding children of the importance of hygiene and social distancing in order to help prevent a second ‘wave’ and although I appreciate the sometimes confusing rhetoric from some quarters, we would appreciate it greatly if you continued to support us in this regard from home.


Many thanks, stay safe and well