FJS update - 20th May

Good afternoon Friends,


Happy Wednesday, thank you all so much for the enormously positive response to our plans to date. It makes a huge difference to our staff and governors to get such feedback and really supports our decision making process. 

Thank you all too for your survey responses so far, as I write we have had just over 200 of our families have let us know their intentions which will greatly assist our planning. The survey will close at lunchtime tomorrow to give us the afternoon to confirm bubbles and staffing, we will then write to you to let you know further details.


It is worth noting again here that all this planning is very fluid and we are expecting people to change their minds as new information is released to us all.  Therefore please don’t worry or stress if you are having second, third or even fourth thoughts about your decisions, just give us a bit of warning and we will do our very best to accommodate you. 


You may already know that the Hay Literary Festival has gone online this year. This week they are posting a range of free talks from children's authors such as Cressida Cowell and Liz Pichon. It looks fab!


Many thanks, stay safe and well.