FJS update - 1st May

Good afternoon Friends,


Happy Friday!


To help put a smile on your face for the weekend…


I was quite emotional watching it as there are many of this wonderful team I haven’t seen since we ‘broke up’. We really hope you enjoy it and there will be associated challenges sent out through Seesaw.


I’m not sure how many of you have noticed but the moon is quite spectacular at the moment; maybe the pollution levels are dropping or maybe we have been blessed by clear skies? It has inspired me to set you all a challenge; can you take and send to admin@ your best photos of our night sky and or day time spring flowers. I will make a collage out of the ones sent in and post them to our YouTube in a few weeks.


I have a few jokes for tonight’s Comedy show; there are a few hours left if you’ve got any more to send in.


Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and well.