FJS update - 1st June

Afternoon All,


My goodness that was an emotional assembly (for me!). Seeing so many of you again was wonderful, thank you so much for joining. I’ve now worked out how to stop annotations on shared screens too, something I never knew could even be done!


We will try again on Friday to do a slightly longer celebration assembly and go round our bubbles so you can see and hear more than just myself. If you are at home/work and want to mention something amazing your children(ren)/family have done please email me and we’ll try and fit in a few of you as well. We want to create a community feel for everyone whether in school or not and a few surprise messages from you at your work desk or from home would be fantatsic!


Today has so far been very smooth. Almost all the children we were expecting have turned up and from my office it’s lovely to hear children enjoying themselves in our school again. If you are unsure about whether your child should be in or not please make sure you have contacted myself through our usual channels to agree attendance. Everyone we expect to attend will have had an individual letter detailing arrangements.


In school the social distancing is working well and the staggered drop offs seem to go smoothly too, thank you for being on time- it makes a tremendous difference in us being able to reduce risk.


I hope all of you still at home are enjoying the sunshine and your time. The number of staff now needed in school will, I’m afraid, impact on Seesaw and home learning. From tomorrow we will have nine bubbles operating using almost all of our teaching and support staff.


Many thanks, stay safe and well.