FJS update 19th June

Happy Friday all,


Thank you for the positive response to our plans to give all our pupils some form of contact before the summer holiday. We are now at absolute capacity and have no scope for further admissions unless families withdraw or the DFE advice on social distancing changes.


We were inundated with emails yesterday and are still working through them but it may next week before you get an individual response, apologies.


As part of the month long staggered return for our pupils they will get to meet their new teacher and say goodbye to their old teacher. As this happens we will write to you to inform you too. Inevitably this will mean some families find out before others depending on the year group and class your child(ren) is in.


In ‘normal’ times you would all find out in one assembly on Transition day but given our circumstances I much prefer this style as opposed writing to you all cold on Monday to let everyone know at once. I believe a large part of the enjoyment for our children is ‘finding out’ who will be teaching you, meeting them and then chatting about it afterwards. This approach also allows for our new staff to be introduced and our children meeting them rather than just knowing a name.


In other news;


Our wonderful PTA’s our working on a @home Summer Fair and more details will follow shortly.


Our equally wonderful Mr Lumsdon is developing a plan for a Virtual Sports Day, again more details to follow shortly.


I am hoping this afternoon’s assembly idea works, I tested it last night and it seemed fine. If it all goes wrong you’ll be left with about 5 minutes of a blank screen! This week I am staying close to home and doing nearby roads just in case I need to get back to the laptop, but if it works well future weeks may see me travel wider; mostly in response to your keenness to take part, thank you!



Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and well