FJS update - 18th June

Good afternoon Friends,


Thank you for your overwhelming support for my ‘Anneka Rice’ assembly idea; I have so many volunteers I’m going to have to get round to you all over two weeks or so. I’m hoping it won’t be raining too hard and that all the technology works…  Thank you too for the amazing videos you send in, they always bring a tear to my eye as I watch them and arrange the film. It's live tomorrow at 1.30pm!


Thank you too for the very positive responses to our proposals for taking back our children, however briefly, prior to the summer holidays. We are still working in a ‘Schrödinger World’ as we have no idea if these plans will still be viable in a few days or weeks but we hope to see you all soon and in September.


The exciting annual Summer Reading challenge has begun, it has been set up online this year and the link is:


We look forward to seeing you all soon


Many thanks, stay safe and well