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FJS update - 17th July

Good afternoon friends,


I hope you are all safe and well.


Thank you all so much for your kind and generous feedback to us, as I tried to say at the beginning of our assembly it genuinely means so much. Thank you to for your patience, resilience and good humour throughout this.


As I write this I can hear the cheers going up from our classrooms as they watch the end of our celebration video; it is an emotional day all round. For those of you who missed this, the links to all three videos used this week will be going out via Seesaw.


As previously promised we will have a Year 6 leavers party, it’s looking like it may be sometime around next Easter. We hope that this wonderful group of people can all make whatever date we can settle on and return to share stories of their new adventures.  We will also be inviting back all of our staff who have worked so fantastically throughout this year, hopefully they will have some amazing new anecdotes to share to!


Best wishes Year 6, you will be amazing!


For the rest of us; have a fantastic summer, we are all so excited about seeing you again in September. We have missed you all so much and are looking forward to having you all back at our school.


Thank you to our fantastic staff; the ‘Swans’ who greet you every day, project an aura of serenity and calm and look amazing! They are working so hard to ensure they deliver an outstanding offer. To the ‘feet of the swans’ who you won’t see working hard ‘under the water’ but without whom we could not have opened and been as successful as we have- and they also look amazing!


So sorry, I forgot to announce the amazing Fleetville’s Got Talent Winner (totally lost it with the video and email(s) ).

Please do your own drum roll/dramatic pause here;

3rd Place Charlotte Wood on her trampoline

2nd Place Cabbage Soup Group with the Harry Potter Puppet Pals

1st Place Charlie Hodge master composer, performer and synth player!

Well done all!


I’m sure I have forgotten something but I have run out of words…


Have a wonderful summer all,

Stay safe and well,

Many, many thanks,

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