FJS update - 16th June

Good afternoon friends,


I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today and the predicted storm has dissipated!


If you enjoy astronomy and space related paraphernalia this site is excellent and they do live, interactive talks too. This is their home page on YouTube and if you scroll down you can get to their primary aged content; I loved them.


Thank you so much for your input into our celebration assemblies so far, we still have a few gaps left for this week so please send some more in. If you have watched so far you will know after the films I go all ‘Anneka Rice’ and run around the school visiting each bubble in turn. (If you recognise the reference you have just aged yourself).


One of the main drivers behind these Zoom assemblies is to link home and school.  As a consequence I am hoping, this week, to go on a live ‘Treasure Hunt’ around Fleetville. If you happen to live locally and would be happy for me to visit the front of your home and wave live in our assembly please let me know. If this would work for you could you let me know via admin@ and I will try and do a visit of Friday. If it could remain a surprise to our children that would be great, thank you!


Many thanks, stay safe and well