FJS update - 14th May

Afternoon all, 


I hope you are all safe and well.


Happy Thursday J


According to the Met Office we should start to see warmer weather soon which will make this adventurer a little happier.


You are probably all very aware of all the stories and surveys going around about school reopening. The guidance we receive is constantly being updated and changed and I anticipate that will continue to happen as schools begin to feedback issues with the current guidance to the DFE and Health England have had an opportunity to review their plans.


This means that as we finalise our plan for reopening this evening and tomorrow it will be as a draft and will need adapting to suit the current advice. I will do my best to consolidate a number of very large documents into something decipherable to help you with your choices when we put our survey to you next week. 


I truly appreciate the amazing support and feedback you are still giving us. It is a rather challenging time for us all but your overwhelming positivity is inspirational and hugely valued.


Many thanks, stay safe and well.