FJS update - 14th July

Good afternoon Friends,


I hope you are all safe and well.


A brief clarification from yesterday’s letter, we will be back in uniform in September. One of the main motives for non-uniform now was the cost of purchasing a new one for what may have been only a few weeks prior to the summer holiday. We are hoping to remain open throughout the Autumn term so uniform would again be required. It is still current advice to wash this daily.


With regards to the much anticipated first ever virtual Fleetville's Got Talent, I would like to invite you all to the Zoom call at 2pm on Wednesday. After a short introduction, I will share a link with you to YouTube where the show will stream ‘live’, this is because we are having difficulty streaming via Zoom and we feel the work gone into this production should be viewed, as much as possible,  without hindrance.


Please feel free to stay on the Zoom chat to interact with other viewers if you wish. This chat will be monitored. Our children will be reminded to be positive, encouraging and most importantly, kind to all of the Fleetville community.


May I take this opportunity to say well done to all the acts, students and staff, for their entries, and the finalists themselves.


After the show, the voting lines will ‘open!’. You can send a message to a teacher via Seesaw or an email to with your votes for the winner. One vote per person viewing the show! We will then arrange the results to be announced before the end of the academic year. Thanks once again to the staff involved in the making of this extra-ordinary event, and you, the Fleetville community for supporting such events.


Many thanks,