FJS update - 12th May

Good afternoon Friends,


We are gradually getting further information through from the DFE which is helping to inform our discussions. We aim to have an initial strategy for reopening by the end of this week once all our key leaders have had a chance to review our plans. Once these are finalised we will send out to you all our proposals to help you make your decisions about allowing your children to return to school at some point.


I think it’s important for you to understand that any return to school for your child(ren) is (in theory) your choice. There will be no penalties applied for families that stay off school; I appreciate in some cases this will not be a choice but a medical necessity.


One of our biggest challenges will be how we keep some form of online learning working for children staying at home if all our teaching staff are in school working full days teaching our returnees. I’m unsure we will get an answer to this that suits everyone’s needs but I know you are all very understanding and supportive of the work our school is trying to do during this new adventure.


Given the new challenges presented by this potential return I have postponed our questionnaire about online learning for now. We will continue providing the service we currently offer and review this once we have a better understanding of potential reopening. Thank you for your support and patience.


On a more cheerful note, a reminder;


In the absence of SustFest20 we want to celebrate the ways in which families are living more sustainably and encourage child participation with our prize draw competition, titled ‘Living More Sustainably During Lockdown’. 


We want children to send us their artwork, creative writing or photos on the theme of sustainability. The closing date is 5th June, so please get busy!


Sustainable St Albans want to hear how you and your family are living more sustainably during lock-down. Enter the prize draw competition by sending them your creative artwork, writing or photos on the theme of sustainability. Please visit for more details.


Many thanks, stay safe and well.