FJS update - 10th June

Good afternoon all,


Happy Wednesday all, I hope you are finding ways to keep sane despite the colder/wetter weather.


Thank you all for being so understanding and supportive of what we are trying to achieve at the moment. I often get mail written with great empathy and understanding of our circumstances. 


The DFE have underlined this afternoon that they will be issuing further guidance on how we could possibly take more children prior to the summer holiday. Therefore we cannot take any more children at the moment in order to preserve space for whatever outcome they consider to be most appropriate.


I often talk to our staff about each day being a Schrödinger day, we simultaneously have to prepare for the whole school/part of our school and none of our school back. We genuinely have no idea what to expect until we open the box.


Thank you too for the positive responses to our assemblies, I received another wonderful email today letting us know how it has inspired conversation at home. On the theme of assemblies there is still plenty of time to send in a video for Fridays celebration assembly praising your child(ren), we have no parent ones yet for this week…


Have a lovely evening, stay safe and well.