Coronavirus update: 24th March, 12.30pm

Good afternoon Friends,


I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and managing to stay home as much as possible.


I appreciate how stressful this is as we settle in to our new ‘normal’. I certainly find it easier to run a school of 360 children than look after 1 three year old all day J, I guess it’s just what we are used to doing.


I have been aware of a lot of social media initiatives during this time and although it is entirely personal choice which one you would choose to support I thought it might be fun for our Fleetville children to take part. Could we all put a teddy bear/cuddly toy in one of our front windows? If we are then able to go for a walk during the day it might raise a few smiles…


Thank you so much for the positive feedback about the Bedtime story. I made a rash promise one morning on the gate and now I’ll be uploading something every day from around 6pm. It will gradually evolve and if I can work out how to edit film I’ll be able to add other aspects.


I will start to add a daily challenge to these emails as well, just something fun to do that you can choose to take part in or not but would allow a sense of whole school- a bit like the cuddly toy idea above.


We have no new school updates today. Please stay safe, enjoy the good weather and keep healthy.


Many thanks