Coronavirus update: 23rd March 2020, 2.15pm

Good afternoon friends,


I hope the first day of our new adventure is going well and you have managed to balance childcare and workload without too much stress.


I also hope you are all well and have access to enough outdoor space to be enjoying the sunshine without putting yourself or your family at risk. Sadly we have had a number of members of our wider school family become ill over the last week and we wish them a full and speedy recovery.


We started our day with a bit of a ‘Joe Wicks’ workout and have then taken advantage of our garden to wash down Maggie’s sandpit and little pedal car. I’m going to attempt our first bedtime story on YouTube later…


We have had a staff meeting to plan for the next month and Spiral ‘Zoom’ video chat meeting to work through any issues still outstanding for us this week; both were very enlightening and helpful.


You should have had some form of contact from your Seesaw class teacher; if you have any queries please address them first to your Seesaw contact and then to our school at if your issue is still unresolved.


Lastly, on behalf of all of us, I wanted to say thank you for your incredible support over the last month. It has been a very demanding time but your generosity of spirit and deed has made a tricky time much easier for us all.


Until tonight…


Many thanks, stay safe and well.

Gareth Linwood