Coronavirus update: 20th March 2020, 12.30pm

Good afternoon Friends,

I hope you are all safe and well.

As you are well aware today we will close for the foreseeable future and the online learning platforms and social media become our prime way of communicating. I’m sure you are concerned about your child’s education and the learning they may miss but please have in mind the following;

This is going to be a stressful time, especially for our children as their usual routines are completely changed. This is going to be a stressful time for you, especially if you are trying to ‘teach’ an uncooperative child. You and they may be scared of what you are hearing and seeing on television and radio. The tasks we send out are for guidance and will support their learning but please don’t let them become the cause of an argument in an already stressful situation. Instead hug each other, cuddle up and read, read, read. Take turns reading and read to them your favourite novel (Maggie is going to get Alice in Wonderland!). Do puzzles, build forts, bake, paint, make a mess, play with lego, set up an indoor tent and camp out (in).

Share photos and memories of your childhood. Make a journal, it’s not Anne Frank territory but we are living through history. Don’t stress about the home learning, no one learns anything when they are worried and anxious. Though this is a scary time it could be a time they remember as the best time in their life.

We will keep in touch as best we are able through email, Seesaw and Twitter, I’m even looking into a YouTube channel J.

Parents of Year 5 children, sadly we have had to cancel the Shenley Lane. Jane will be in touch with you early next week to discuss your full refund. 

Parents of Year 6 children, if this is to be their last day at our school we would like to say thank you for all the love and support you have given the Fleetville schools for at least the last seven years. Your children are amazing and have added so much to our community, we wish you and them all the best for the future. We will be holding a Prom type event for you and these fantastic children once schools are open, even if this is in the next academic year. We hope it won’t be.

I will be sending out an email a day just to keep us in touch.

Many thanks, stay safe and well.